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Our mission is to collaborate with public private partnerships and CleanTech entrepreneurs through ZeroWaste + BioEnergy projects to build sustainable communities.

Building Relationships

We are a renewable energy organization building public private partnerships to integrate clean technologies.

Strengthening Communities

We strengthen our communities by replacing reliance on fossil fuels — BioGas for renewable electricity and transportation fuels + BioChar to nourish soil and improve water retention.

Cultivating Transformation

We are committed to cultivating an energy transformation that regenerates the land under our feet, helping form strong community foundation on soil — not oil — for a sustainable future.


what we do...

  • Develop BioEnergy Parks™ to deliver sustainable, cost-effective waste & energy solutions

  • Design waste & energy systems to produce renewable, net-zero carbon electricity & transportation fuels.

  • Create valuable byproducts such as organic fertilizer and BioChar.

  • Integrate commercially available, innovative technologies for maximum efficiencies.


  • BioEnergy replaces fossil fuels with renewable electricity & transportation fuels.
  • BioGas for transportation eliminates 22 pounds of carbon per diesel gallon (EPA).
  • BioGas cuts greenhouse gases (GHG) 88 – 100% (Energy Vision).
  • Methane is 34 times more potent as a GHG than CO2 (IPCC).
  • US landfills receive 30 million tons of food waste yearly which could produce 15 billion m3 of BioGas or 90 billion kWh of electricity (EPA).
  • BioEnergy replaces synthetic fertilizers with sustainable byproducts to rebuild soils.
  • Organic fertilizers help nourish soils.
  • BioChar sequesters carbon from the atmosphere in soil, as well as improving the ability of soil to retain water.


We build sustainability capacity in communities by advocating for a Zero Waste + BioEnergy paradigm.

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The Bioenergy Works Team

We are seasoned technologists, BioEnergy specialists, and collaborative business developers.

Tom McGrath, Southern California

Tom drives our organization with more than 20 years successfully collaborating with diverse stakeholders - multi-media departments, break-through technologists, finance specialists, and academic researchers. Throughout, Tom focuses on wise use of available resources to design sustainable opportunities today - both for communities and businesses. Capping a successful lighting and film career as Director of Photography and departmental manager, Tom founded BioEnergy Works near his alma mater Cornell University. Tom built and executed complex program schedules and multi-million dollar budgets, traveling to 35 countries. Tom is a Project Management Professional (PMP), has completed sustainable business study through eCornell, and is a certified Sustainable Resource Management Professional.

Eileen Doohan, Midwest

Eileen builds our framework for successful projects and partnerships through our sustainable community and business engagement. Eileen has created strategies, technologies and business opportunities for newly-minted start-ups and Fortune Global 100 corporations, and formed a public private partnership in Christchurch, New Zealand. She’s engaged as a Peace Corps community developer in Fiji, founded an interactive literacy gaming non-profit organization, and led global technology development of high-speed, IP-based and telemetric mobile systems.

Noni Korf, East Coast

Noni applies over 20 years of project management, multi-media execution and instructional design to our sustainable organization. Noni serves as information technology director for sustainable and on-line educational projects around the world. As an organizational entrepreneur and award-winning filmmaker, Noni pulls multi-disciplinary stakeholders together to achieve innovative goals for both large institutions and small start-ups. Noni is a graduate of Cornell University and a Project Management Professional (PMP).


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BioEnergy Works is a non-profit organization.
Our fiscal sponsor is Social Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE).