Fishing at Exe Island

Good fishing has always been one of the highlights of Exe Island. On this page you'll find everything you need to know about fishing at Exe Island. Read on for information about:

Ontario Fishing Regulations

Last updated: 19-JUN-01

The following information is available at the official site, Ontario Fishing Regulations. The information here is condensed for ease of use. Note that this may be out of date, so you may want to check with the government site.

Fishing Licenses

Genearally speaking, you need a fishing license. With the increase in fishing pressure on Big Rideau, I wouldn't doubt it if the game wardens are cracking down more. You can buy a fishing license at the following locations:

Open seasons and size limits



Minimum Size Daily Limit
Bass, Largemouth      
Bass, Smallmouth      
Bullhead (Catfish)      
Crappie, Black      
Crappie, White      
Lake Trout      
Northern Pike      
Perch, Yellow      

Eating Fish: Precautions for pregnant women and children under 15

There are some concerns about pregnant women and children under the age of 15 eating Ontario Sport Fish. These fish can accumulate contimants and developing bodies are at risk. People at risk are advised to eat only those fish with the clear fish symbol in the chart below, and then no more than 4 meals per month. Furthermore, you are advised to lower the amount of sport fish you eat if you regularly eat commercial fish. This does not apply to the remainder of the population.

Note that eating sport fish is becoming safer, as detailed in Eating Ontario fish is getting safer.

Here's the chart from the Guide to Eating Ontario Sport Fish.

Exe Island Record Fish

Fish Record Angler Bass, Largemouth 20" Mario Bass, Smallmouth 18.5" Mario Bullhead (Catfish) 12" Jeff Crappie (both types) 11.75" P. Wetherbee Lake Trout 18" Dick Northern Pike 29.5" Derek Perch, Yellow 12" Jeff Sunfish (all varieties) 8.5" Zack Rockbass 9.5" Robin

Fish of Noteworthy Attention

Every year we keep a log of the noteworthy fish caught. Here's the complete list dating back to 1978....?

Fish Size Angler Date, Time Location Lure Notes