What's New at Exe Island

New Appliances/Equipment

Our newest acquisitions are:

(1) a sloop-rigged sailing dinghy, a Pennant boat made by American Sail, which can hold 4 persons and carries a 15' mast and a 2 hp Honda 4-stroke outboard, brought up by Dick and our friend Hannes Maddens from Florida, where it had two seasons of use in the salt waters of Clam Bayou and the Gulf of Mexico and its bays before heading North,
(2) a new dolfin-laden house-board from Yap Island in the Pacific, donated by Kathie & Tony from their honeymoon there, along with a good-luck roof-mounting charm from Thailand, picked up on their second honeymoon there,
(3) a simply wonderful air-tight stove with fire-viewing windows, donated by the Dibbs, to replace the inefficient Franklin stove, which has the beauty of looking like it has always been here!

New Damage

All the docks wintered well, with the exception that the "new" Cul Nu raft (the old 6x20' dock that saw its final use as a dock at Olde Port (Westport) until last year) is still under water, with its tanks needing pumping out to make it float again. This process probably awaits the lake going down a bit, since the pumping holes are currently below lake level!

Other new news