Photos of Exe Island

Approaching Exe by boat

Exe Island dead ahead: we are pointing due north and that big stone is Rock o' My Soul, with Newport (= Eastport) dock at the right, and Olde Port (= Westport) dock at the left.

Let's get off at Newport, where we find Tracy (Noni's dog) awaiting us at the dock. The little rowing dingy on the right is the Exercise, with an equipment storage shed at the left.

Looking back at the floating docks we see the Export, our 16-foot bowrider we came in, powered by a 75 hp Mercury engine, docked on the right side, with our 12-foot runabout, the Princexe, used for fishing and pulling the aquaplane on the far left, powered by a 20 hp Mercury outboard. The Exercise, oar-powered, is closer on the left.

  We'll go ahead past the storage shed and turn left up the path to the cottage. Tracy leads us up the path.

And eventually to our first view of the back of the cottage.

So, here we look at the back of the bulding. The kitchen is dead ahead, with the small shed serving as a housing for the hot water heater. The outdoor shower is at the left corner of the building. The master bedroom is behind the trees to your right. Those are stairs to the kitchen entrance at the left side.

As we proceed down the path, we will pass the outdoor "ofuro" on our left, a fire-heated bathtub for hot times, as Maïa and her friend Sonya demonstrate!
Right above the stairs to the kichen we can find a rope to pull to sound the old school-bell on top of the cupola (which houses the Exe Island Biological Station laboratory). Three rings is breakfast, lunch, or dinner time. Five or more peals is "come quickly, there's an emergency!"

And here is a view of the cottage if we round the building past the steps into the kichen and see it from the front. A portion of the porch that originally encircled the whole house has been screened for an eating porch, behind those trees. This is an early spring picture, which accounts for the clutter on the porch.

To the left of the front door is this special sign.

So let's open the door and enter, and then turn back to see the living room. That two-piece sofa has two twin-size hide-a-beds, contributing to the bedding for 16 people before breaking out the tents.

A welcome addition has been the airtight wood stove, a recent gift from the former owners, the Dibbs, to replace the 1920's non-airtight Franklin-type stove that came with the cottage. To the left is the door to the master bedroom, a glimpse of the ever-ready fire extinguisher, yet another Dibbs gift, and to the right we can enter the kitchen.

Let's see what the kitchen looks like, first toward the left and the stove, refrigerator, and sink.

And now looking toward the dining area and the French doors to the screened porch.

Oh, yes, there is a bathroom off the master bedroom, with a (yes, Excel brand!) composting toilet and a sink with running hot and cold water (and enough room for at least 20 more toothbrushes). Claim a cubby hole for your stuff.

Let's go outside again, and take a look at the floating docks at Olde Port, where Maïa and Sonya are playing and where our 10-foot sailing dinghy, the Expenant, is moored. 10-foot sailing dinghy, the Expenant, with its 2hp Honda four-stroke engine, is moored.

And some of the rest of the fleet only awaits somone moving the unnamed red canoe, Noni's white Sunfish sailboat, and Noni's old, blue Envy of Exe Sunflower sailboat into the water.
Oh, yes, bass fishing is great, as 4-year old Zoë, standing on the Old Port dock, proudly displays!

More to come!