Ithaca High School 50th BIRTHDAY bash!

Yes, our 30th reunion has come and gone, but let's do something this summer! Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday, January 23, 2009

West Hill Elementary School

Here's a photo from Friday night, where we tried to gather all the "kids" from West Hill School that attended the reunion. How many can you name?

Thanks to Elizabeth (Dougherty) Johnson for the photo!
(Missing from the photo, but at the party: Chris Reuning and Denise (Corbit) Beemers. Tony Townley couldn't make it until Saturday so he's also missed in the photo.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm ready to have a go at this [spits on hands, repositions combover]. Awright, awright, minimal goofin' around now. This is serious business....

These people are:

Kneeling from left to right -- Noni Korf (lookin' just as dandy as ever), Betsy Dougherty (in fairness, lookin' no less dandy).

Standing from left to right -- Ellen Hertz, Doug Wallenbeck, Nancy Miller, Annie Halton, Jim Robertson, Karen Townsend, Tim Marchell, Reneta Hartmanis (seemingly taller than I recall, but it could be heels or something), Kevin Stoneman, Uhh...dunno ("Freddie-boy" Kiechel maybe, although that seems rather farfetched), Dave Rumsey.

How'd I do? How'd I do?!! More importantly, what do I win? Steak knives? Movie passes? Three dollars off a large combo at Napoli Pizzeria?

3/22/09 1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is Cookie Greco? For that matter, where's Keith Strykula? Tom Coyne? Debbie Allen? Wayne Fendertin? Rosanna Gencini? On the other hand, I think we all know about Steve Pagani. The fact that this guy is a (choke) high school administrator in California is an irony beyond the point of absurdity. If there was one kid who had "disciplinary problem" tattooed on his forehead, it was Pagani. Offhand, I'd guess that if Eddie Sherwood's mom knew that the hand-selected tasty treats she put in Eddie's lunch on a daily basis were actually ending up in Pagani, she'd be still annoyed to this day.

9/24/09 7:33 PM  

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