Ithaca High School 50th BIRTHDAY bash!

Yes, our 30th reunion has come and gone, but let's do something this summer! Saturday, July 31, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

Join us in Ithaca THIS SUMMER -- 50 yr bday bash!

Hey all, hoping we can get together this summer for a big birthday party!

No, it's not a reunion year, but we had so much fun last time, who can wait another 8 years??!

More news to come...


Blogger Allison Hogue said...

Save the date: July 31st 2010 Class 50th Birthday Party

At the request of many of our class mates your IHS Class of 1978 reunion committee has chosen July 31st as the date for us to gather and celebrate a mutual milestone, our 50th birthday.

Some of you have already hit this milestone and some have yet to reach it, but one this is for sure, 50 is in all of our sights. Lets face it together :)

Please forward this email to anyone from our class in your address book. If the person who you are forwarding this to did not receive the initial one from us, they need to get back to us with their updated email contact. We have email addresses for about 1/2 of the class, lets try to get the rest.

More to follow,

Happy Birthday! Allison, Noni & Reneta

1/20/10 11:25 AM  

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