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favorite bands include but are not limited to: nirvana, the distillers, the clash, elastica, sublime, flogging molly, 113, zebda, the streets, the gossip, hole, green day, Manu chao, morcheeba, gipsy kings, ojos de brujo, bob marley, rancid, queen, billie holiday, dropkick murphys

favorite movies: run lola run, some like it hot, snatch, boondock saints, taxi (the french one), the mummy, sleepy hollow, fear and loathing in las vegas, aladdin, pirates of the carribbean, the usual suspects, pulp fiction, kill bill vol 2, swing, gadjo dilo, fight club, casablanca, white cat black cat

favorite books:..f*** it, favorite movies was hard enough. I don’t have a favorite book.

favorite person, place, or thing (NOUN): brody, angelina jolie, sardines, france, nutella, velvet, punk rock, sexual innuendos, marilyn monroe, wife beaters, the middle east, hopeless savages, kindergarten, courtney love, irish accents, pineapple orange juice, foreign films, sources of income, barbies, revelations, atheism, late nights, nostalgia, sensory memory, deja-vú, milla jovovich, gypsy music, riots in the streets, chaï, sex, sticking it to the man, cafés, edgar degas, clint eastwood, garage, bags, mohawks, skateboarding, consciences, santa barbara, porch swings, dread lock rastas




I left my soul there down by the sea
I lost control here, livin free.


auf wiedersehen, good night

If only I could blog away my college essays and blog everyone their christmas presents. What a treat that would be. Not to say I'm a champion at this, not by any means, but I blog a shite-sight better than I essay or even shop, for that matter. Too bad blogs are totally intangible. I've found that to be a bummer because you're like 'hey I'll blog instead of doing the mountain of things I should be doing' and then you blog and you blog and come away feeling empty, used, that your life is meaningless and you should really just throw in the towel, oh and shut the door on your way out, thank you. It's a wretched cycle, I tell you what. There may not even be a lick of band news on the horizon, but when the mood're fucked.
So, happy holidays you, the few, the brave, who read this. Thanks for sticking through it with me, your kindness will not be soon forgotten. I can't believe that this time last year we were still reeling from the Coke commercial. Times have changed, man, and I can confidently tell you they've changed for the better. Conveniently enough, I'm not going to be around much to give you fun things to read about my little life anymore. Well maybe I will be for a little while, go ahead, you can keep your hopes up, but for all intents and purposes I'm flying the proverbial coop. I'll try to set up a show for when I am here so you don't feel like I dropped you guys flat but know that this girl has finally gotten her shit together is getting the fuck out of Dodge. I've taught you all I know and now you have to go out into the world and fight crime with great power, great responsibility and colored tights and silly monikers that end with the word Man!

so do what you want, do all you can
break all the fucking rules and
go to hell with Superman and
die like a champion, yeah hey!


it's more of a gesture, really

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