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Fav Music: Interpol, The Rapture, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Le Tigre, Vue, Tangiers, The Fever, The Stills, Moving Units, Radio 4, Mogwai, Computer Cougar, Crosby-Stills-Nash-And Young, Buzzcocks, Muse, Von Bondies, The Killers, Gang Of Four, The Clash, Iggy Pop, Ours, Elvis Costello, Green Day, Franz Ferdinand, Chicks On Speed, Joy Division, Pinback, The Cure, The Unicorns, Fugazi, Pedro The Lion, Modest Mouse, Sigur Ros, Nirvana, The Shins, Spoon, The Hives, The D4, Radiohead, Pavement, John Lennon, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Neil Young, Sex Pistols, Elefant

Fav Movies: Trainspotting, Boondock Saints, Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Napoleon Dynamite, Someone Like You, Love Actually

Fav BookThe Hipsters Handbook, Kurt Cobain's Diary, The Da Vinci Code, The BFG

Fav Person, Place, or Thing: Hipsters, Cow Tails, Neon nail polish, Crew, Indie Music, Nerds (the candy), Checkered Vans shoes, Les Pauls, Nachos with cheese, Vintage T's, Big sunglasses, Paul Banks and Carlos from Interpol, Ekim, Vanilla Heath Bar Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, Journals, Watches, The Dollar Store, Cheap Accessories, Spin Magazine, Lip chap, Carmex, Clubs, Rock Stars, (The best website for discovering Indie Bands), Rich coffee, Vanilla Mints, Photography, Toronto, Subways, Big Cities, NYC, Streets, Independence, Sunny Weather Highs 72 lows 64, Pickles, Wrist Bands, Sushi, Eggs-Scrambled with Cheese



Tank's bored...

Here is my haiku. I think it's five seven five...right?

Gosh I miss Maia
But she's in Guatemala
Want a Koala?

Read. Reflect. Respond.


Hello Big Red!

Well, I can't say there has been too much going on in the land of Kievan Rus, BUT I just got accepted to CORNELL UNIVERSITY and screaming off the roof tops! So, all of those who think they can't juggle both school and music, they are wrong. It's all possible. There is always enough room for academics and music! Always! :)


Would you care for a mushroom cap?

My sweetie Steve and I at the Merch table! Oh la la!

More photos!

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