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KIEV Fans, sorry the guestbook was getting too much spam...we kept this here for old times' sake, but now if you want to chat, please go to the forum...

hey that was a great show at the Haunt! I will definitely come see you guys play again.
a new fan
ithaca, usa - Mar 15, 2005
u guys rock! dont listen to the others...they really like you but like to spam. peace!
boob, chest - Mar 15, 2005
i severly hope that you are BIG time bad religion fans cos i dont think you totally understand who is guiding yer so called soda pop career. leave greg graffin outta yer fucking crappy ass dreams.
yer band sucks
- Mar 14, 2005
is any one in here
dallas, tx - Mar 13, 2005
Despite the exclusion of the very talented, sexy, intuitive, and just plain awesome Sylvie from this very symbolic, or just fucking awesome band, I'm gunna stick tight. Lets all wish Sylvie the best at getting into collage, and whatever else she might want to do! GO VISH!
Penisville, Human Anatomy - Mar 12, 2005
hey, i just got my Kiev tshirt in the mail. it fits great and looks like a dream. now i gotta go check ebay for a copy of the live album! xoxox
paperboy, usa - Mar 10, 2005
hey, do you think that you could put the lyrics up for Broer's Song? that would be really great. im planning on coming to the show on the 12th. ill see you all in school. thanks
thaca, usa - Mar 6, 2005
You guys are awsome! i see your commercial all the time. you need to sell more CD's i want to buy one. and in my History class we were just reading about the real Kievan Rus!
Boston, UsA - Mar 3, 2005
i love ya
ashley nix
howe, - Mar 3, 2005
yo guys! i just wanna say this isn't better than msn, but it is good.
ib, us - Mar 3, 2005
i was really disappointed that you guys canceled the show last week, julia and i were only going to go for you. are you going to have another concert coming up? before may that is? and where can i get a copt of your second cd? could someone at least burn me a copy of theirs? because i remember dancing infront of maia to butterfly and her smiling at me, so i've been listening to it a lot and i want the song to jam out to again. are you going to make more copies? Emma
Watkins glen, NY - Mar 3, 2005
Hi! I'd like your music... Don't you know - can I get your CD's on Msc!? P.S. It would be great to see yours show here!!
Moscow, Russia - Mar 3, 2005
don't listen to the bastards that talk a load of bullshit. keep playing. lovin you doll
idiot america - Mar 2, 2005
Thanks to all of you who add comments (both positive and negative) we appreciate the input. All of you keep doing your thing and rock on while you're at it. From Kievan Rus with love.
Ithaca, - Feb 28, 2005
Wow, I can't believe someone would actually take time out of their day and go out of their way to write something negative. That means they would have to look up your site, click on guestbook, click on add comments, write something idiotic and maybe spell check if were lucky. That's truly pathetic. Music isn't about hating, what part of that don't they understand? Keep it up, you’ve got tons of fans.
Ithaca, United States - Feb 28, 2005
learn to play your instruments before starting a band sluts!!!
ur cunt, usa - Feb 28, 2005
Hey, I love your band. What I like the best is that you are so down-to-earth. Your famous, but i still feel that if you read this I'd still be a person instead of just another starstruck fan. I love your music, the lyrics are funny, even if I've only heard a couple words. I've noticed they don't play the entire song on the sound clips. I'd like to buy your CD's. Would I be able to get them at Strawberries or something? I've wanted a band to get into. I've been strumming guitar and writing songs for the longest time but haven't found a band I could sing for.
USA - Feb 27, 2005
Sylvie, I can't believe how amazing you guys are! You were rock star material in 6th grade, and now you're living up to it. I'm so proud of you!
Hillsdale, - Feb 27, 2005
heyy you girls are good but i've herd better. i really like you outfits there hott. Tank YOUROCK OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!
somerset, usa - Feb 26, 2005
who ever said that kievan rus suck is a total idiot and can't spell bitch. i think you guys rock! keep the music coming!
idiot america - Feb 25, 2005
You girls are great! I think your voices are great! I love your beats and your music! Don't listen to the haters! Just keep rocking because you know you love you it and know we love to listen! :-)
Homer's Weirdo: Lo
Homer Hell Hole, NY, USA - Feb 25, 2005
girls, dont listen to those other nasty comments. u guys are great and have lots of fans so keep up the good work! luv ya!
az, us - Feb 24, 2005
Oh My god this is the most horrible music I have ever hear I dont think I heard more than four different words through the entire song nor did i hear more than four different chords, and your voices are so out of tune with each other the clash broke a window in my house. I dont understand how anyone can call themselves a band and get in the business these days.
music capitol of the world, USA - Feb 23, 2005
did u guys break up.
new york city, us - Feb 23, 2005
you guys suck!
in your mama's bed, biatch!!! - Feb 21, 2005
why don't you release ur albums over here in england. we are dying to hear u
idiot america - Feb 18, 2005
you need more gigs!! i'm dying to see you guys again!!
ithaca, usa - Feb 16, 2005
hey do u ever come on msn? plus we need more pictures kievan rus rocks
idiot america - Feb 15, 2005
Hey Maia. Any chance of offering up some designs for your proposed tat? How was NYC? Say hi to mom and dad. - Changer-R-Us
Brew-town, WI, USA - Feb 11, 2005
ithaca, usa - Feb 11, 2005
good look with the video, i saw the video clip. keep em coming!
reading, england - Feb 11, 2005
hey Taylor, did you happen to forget the agreement we made about trading tshirts? i know you must be busy as all heck but it's been a couple months so i thought i would remind you. i tried emailing but havent heard from anyone yet. if you need my address again just ask. please don't make one of your biggest fans sad. oh yeah, size M. :-)
- Feb 11, 2005
John's nickname is not Diamond Roadie it's Johnny 5 fingers, Johnny 5 or J5. :) Congrats on the commercial everyone and come in to Area 51 some time and give us a little backstory on how it was made.
Cortland, NY, USA - Feb 10, 2005
Nice site!
Cat <Cat>
USA - Feb 10, 2005
Hey. I saw the commerical. Thats awesome ladies!!! Hey John you're a star now!!! Haha. I was clicking randomly on links in my journal and somehow found the commerical. You can believe that I started flipping out. Kievan-Rus, you ladies rule. Keep rockin' 'til the clock stops tockin' ladies! Whooooooooooooo!
Loey, this random weirdo/nerd from hickville
Homer, USA - Feb 7, 2005
Thank you everyone for all the support! I see names from diffrent cities, states, and countries! Thanks! WAAAAA!
Hell, Hell - Feb 7, 2005
Hi, nice guestbook, but you need protection from spam.
New York, NY USA - Feb 6, 2005
i agree. i hope you guys make more cds cuz i'd like one...i also live far. you girls rock!
Utah, America - Feb 6, 2005
Hey you gals are great! I really wish I could make a gig, but I live in AZ!!! So if you guys ever start selling your cds, I'd be willing to pay shippign charges and all for one. I can relate to most of the songs. Peace!
Chandler, US - Feb 5, 2005
i love this site
- Feb 4, 2005
You guys are the first girl band, that is actually totally immensely awesome, you guys live my dream lol
Hannah B
Pittsburgh, USA - Feb 4, 2005
Hi everybody! I'm From Chili, in south america... i haven navigate in the web and i saw some pics of the band and i must say that i love the band's shield... i'm from the Communist Party of my country ( and I always have admire the forme USSR... I will listen your songs... i hope can i hear the name of the great LENIN!!!! See ya and thanks for have that symbol!!
Santiago, Chile - Feb 2, 2005
Hey girls, im from nofaithchild, the band thats playing with you at the haunt on the 26th. This is our biggest one yet but we've been winning battle of the bands and playin other places. It says on here tho that you are playing somewheres else on the 26th, are you playin 2 times or did it change. Well, hope to see you there. thanx
Roger from nofaithchild
Sidney ny, us - Feb 1, 2005
An atheist that prays. That must be a sight. lol. Anyways, awesome stuff. I love the whole attitude behind the music and the eastern european political influence. I'm always looking for CCCP throwback items, so do you think you could send one of those shirts my way?
West Haven, CT, - Feb 1, 2005
Liked your bio taylor. we have like the exact same taste in music, down to elvis C. and Burt B. Tell Doll that Dood was taking about her bio reference. Go Kievan*rus!!! lopsided fore evers Tophu
Rejkiavic, Iceland - Jan 30, 2005
You're an athiest??!! wow, so Am ! I just can't believe it, it's such a blessing to meet another athiest. It's like we're kindered spirits or something. No biggie, it's just that It's seems like I've been longing for a while to meet one and now my prayers have been answered. You guys rock in a geological way. Dood
Rejkiavic, iceland - Jan 30, 2005
i think the love is pain song is amazing, so.............keep em comin
aberdeen, america - Jan 30, 2005
here's where to go to see the ad...

web fan
- Jan 29, 2005
Francesca24l <>
Santa Monica, CA USA - Jan 29, 2005
You can get the Coke commercial from
- Jan 27, 2005
commercials on
- Jan 26, 2005
Hey, umm.. is there any place I can download the coke commercial? I really wanna see the whole thing. But uh... yeah.
Ithaca, US - Jan 26, 2005
i gotta admit i found this site looking for the band on the coke commercial.. hah.. call me a loser.. anyway you guys are good, cause i'm kinda close hopefully i can get out to see some shows soon
connecticunt, - Jan 26, 2005
lucky to find you, keep on the good workk guys! best of luck from
tomBl <>
NY, NY USA - Jan 25, 2005
Maia, how long is your hair going to be orange? it's cool, and after the orange i think you should do red again. All 3 of you are in my lunch, unless you skip often enough for me to think that. Taylor, crew rox. i row too, but you probably dont know that i do, cause i dont really know you, or any of you for that matter. How often do you guys read these comments, and how often do you respond to them? keep rockin, yall.
Ithaca, US - Jan 24, 2005
Suggestions for new band name: Babushka Scrap the Mission Sputnik Check Off
Rockwall, usa - Jan 21, 2005
you guys rok!!!
tv fan
- Jan 20, 2005
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Designer Engagement Rings
San Jose, United States - Jan 12, 2005
I think i met you in colledge. Remeber UPEN? Natali.
NY, USA - Jan 12, 2005
Hey gals, havent had a look at the site yet figured it was about time, Great job! looks really good, the commercial will be grand, look forward to it!
Ithaca, - Jan 10, 2005
nice work!! ithaca journal article
other mentions in the ticket for looking back at 2004 and honorable mentions for 2004 local music!
yr biggest fan!!

ithaca, usa - Jan 6, 2005
Maggie's a man.
Ithaca, usa - Jan 6, 2005
Yo Sylvie! I'm so pround of you! As usual you totally rock. Please think to send me an email (and a t-shirt which I would wear with great pride). Keep up the good work & keep in touch Bisous from Paris babe!
Paris, France - Jan 4, 2005
i hate you. your lives are worthless.
chicago bitches, your face - Jan 4, 2005
I must admit that I found this site by mistake but this is a great site!!! I wish more people will invest their time to build sites like this one. Thank you.
Mike Feyler
USA, USA - Dec 29, 2004
well im here in LA and my son shane and i have been wearing our Kiev shirts. Well you would not belive how many people have asked us about em so were planing on handing out your web page when we wear them your friend Mike D
Mike Dignum
- Dec 27, 2004
hey yall from kiev, I watched your set at the lost dog when we played with you guys. I was impressed. I hadn't seen you since last year and its a great improvement. You all are alot more comfertable with your instruments and on stage. Great stage presents, you worked the croud. I'm so exited about all the stuff thats happening for you guys. Playin warped tour, the coke add, etc, its awesome!! I hope you guys get to a place you want to be. Your band has a great draw quality to it. The image just works. Thats somethin IY has had to work for. We've built up are fan base slowely but surelly. You guys seem like you're just blowin up!! Thats awesome. I think if you guys could make it in the industry if you wanted to, though many times thats not what people want. I think kiev would be a good addition to the mest up mainstream pop shit they have on the radio these days. Anyway, ill stop rambling. Best of luck to you three. See you in band Sylvie. From an IY GUY, P.S. IY is gonna start doing good live sound for cheap. If you're ever interested let us know.
dollar bizz
ithaca, wowzers - Dec 26, 2004
you girls are the real deal take a look at this my email is
Mike Dignum
corona del mar, United States - Dec 24, 2004
Thanks for everything! You girls rock and are one of the only bands we have played with that are better looking than we are ;). See you when we get back to NY! xoxo The compass failure
The compass failure!
Syracuse, NY - Dec 20, 2004
Saw you girls at "Castaways" night,and I was impressed. A lot of energy and stage present, I love it. I hope the best for you girls 'cause you surely doing something right
Marathon, NY, USA - Dec 20, 2004
Hey This is Jah Shiggins of the hiphop group cypher:dissident from ITHACA... yo, I lika. I am trying to pull together an all ages gig for underground hiphop and punk bands and I would love if you guys could do it... please email me at; and check us out on the web at -Josh -
- Dec 14, 2004
You guys kick ass. It was awesome meeting all of you. I really love the song Butterfly. You guys keep it up. You all fucking rock.
Horseheads, USA - Dec 13, 2004
When did you add the Sugar in the Wound video to download? No matter. I found it and loved it.
Hamburg, Germany - Dec 13, 2004
WOOHOO Can't wait for the 20th! I know taylor! Kinda! a little! woohoo
ithaca, hell - Dec 12, 2004
Yeah so we (Space Holder) changed our name. Stuck in Motion just didn't sit right with me so I made the band change it. I can't wait for the 20th. First show in months. I'll try to have some demo CDs at the show to pass out.
Peter of Space Holder
Ithaca, - Dec 11, 2004
Hello girls. This is the short goth kid from taylors health class:) You girls are awesome! Keep on rockin babes, and dont let nothin stop ya. PS: you made the Warped Tour?!?(awesome PPS: RIP Dime-bag
Sean Clairmont (of DBA)
Ithaca, USA - Dec 11, 2004
hey, it's a drag, I keep having to delete all this guestbook spam we're getting...if you come here and there is some link that looks unrelated to the band KIEV, and it has a weblink (in red), then probably it is guestbook spam. I'm really doing my best to keep up with deleting this junk (and some is really offensive!) but just haven't had time to install a different guestbook. hang in there!
from the web janitor
ithaca, indie music land - Dec 10, 2004
all you kievers out there should keep a look out for this show! put it in your profile, hang up fliers, and do what you can to get a sick turnout!... Celebrate The Holiday The Rock n Roll Way KIEV THE DEGENERATES OUTERNATIONAL LONDON DISPERSION THE COMPASS FAILURE @ Castaways. Ithaca, NY. 5$. 16+
Justyn from The Degenerates
itown, usa - Dec 7, 2004
Love your hair Doll. My hair was very similar to it about 2 weeks ago. Mine was just matted to my head and was all frizzy.
Homer, US - Nov 19, 2004
Just wanted to thank you for coming to Helsinki, I hope Marc @ the Club will give y'all a headline show(I'll bug him too). It was awesome to have a new punk sound in GB, we get very tired of Sorry in Advance and the Sodomeisters. You were truly enchanting...I mean hardcore! Thanks again for comin so far. I will play your cd on my radio show that you helped fundraise for.
Ben From Club Helsinki
Great Barrington, Mass, Bushwacked America - Nov 17, 2004
Pray tell the gig cancelled the 19th of Noviembre? Jezze! Just when I thought I would be able to make it to another show too!
Diamond Roadie
Idiot, America - Nov 8, 2004
you girls arnt playing untill 10 on november were misinformed
GB, MA, USA - Nov 6, 2004
oh my god, i have all of your pictures on my wall with candles and sacrifices laid around them. on the 8th of every month i go out and celebrate your first show...november 8th. Which i comming up soon, so i guess ill have to find some fresh meat...see ya on the 20th!!!
crazed psycho kiev lover
Ithaca, USA - Nov 5, 2004
hey girls im not to famila wit your type of music let us know wat your into
travis the drummer from no inhibitions
moscow, russia - Oct 28, 2004
keep on rockin Good charlotte for eva
punk rocker
newcatle, australia - Oct 27, 2004
Man you girls look great and i think you rock catcha
the bass player from no inhibitions
newcastle, australia - Oct 27, 2004
Shit man!!! I just saw the vid for the Warped tour "Superman". I got all warm inside and it got me pumped just thinking of the tour again. I wanna try and get a full vid of the gig from you guys. P.S. Sorry we didnt show at the practices. We'll try and get to the next one.
bob (roadie #2)
suckass Cortland, NY - Oct 19, 2004
Like what you've done to the place. It's always cool to keep poppin in from time to time and see what new and unusual stuff you got a goin. See ya! Mike
Auto Insurance
Atlanta, US - Oct 17, 2004
Hey . Its Mili. and i think Taylor is the only one who knows me. Well anyways you guys are awesome. I love all of you in the music sense and you guys are talented and very cute. =D well . Uh My computer just broke but i think that you guys are cool and so if you guys ever get a record deal and a cd write me Mili Savic 311 East 38th 2nd Ave Ny Ny 10016
ny, usa - Oct 16, 2004
Hey all, I might have another Kiev FanSite up, its picture based, cause I KNOW you all love pics! :-£
Suburbia, Iditot America - Oct 6, 2004
Hi! Just wanted to thank you for all the work you put in this site. It looks great! Thanks!
Jeff Stephens
Orlando, United States - Oct 6, 2004
u grrls seriously rawk my casbah..... we need to make another witching/kiev date PRONTO! <3
yeah yeah yeah, whatever - Oct 5, 2004
cortland eh? Sounds do-able!
ithaca, - Oct 2, 2004
What about Bin Laden?
Bert Wooster
- Oct 1, 2004
Nice catch! :)
Bert Frei
- Oct 1, 2004
Jerald Downy
- Oct 1, 2004
Hey come to Cortland!!!! Please!!! We have no rock bands here are dying from the drought! Please....? I know you're all big and like on the Warped Tour now but I know a guy *ahem...Diamond Roadie or John* who says you ladies are awesome! Or at least tell some other bands to head this way! Please for the love of Cortland rockers come to my town!
Homer/Cortland/Scott, NY, USA - Sept 30, 2004
- Sept 30, 2004
I love YOU!!! The Witching Loves You! Smoking show last night at the Chappy! Every time I see you, it's getting better and better... I think you surprised a lot of people.
Eva aka mamaeva
ithaca, - Sept 24, 2004
Hey Kiev, heard you at warped tour. this is kory from D2D, you girls can really rock it out. (you're cute too) anyways, all joking around aside, lets get planning a show either here or there for like late winter or spring. anyways, check our site peace out, keep rockin, kory
Buffalo, US - Sept 8, 2004
i miss i-town and it's lovely bands consisting of beautiful junior girls. mmm. stay in touch, i'm only a couple hours away.
keymaster hatcher
I-Town and Rochester, NY, amerikkka - Sept 6, 2004
Today i was listening to that shitty band London something, and i just realized how much i miss local shows back at ithaca and playing with you guys. Keep on rockin', and dont ever fucking quit. fuck college, dont go to college. unless its here with me at fredonia. LD will return most likely on the 17th of december, because we miss you all so much. i love you all!!
Hippietown, USA - Sept 1, 2004
hey. i saw you guys play at warped, and i graduated at IHS a few years ago. anyhow i just wanna say you gals rock it hard! drink red bull, it's good for ya. we should do a show trade sometime, i think both of our bands' sexiness could really tear up the scene. you in? *justyn
Justyn from The Degenerates
Ithaca, USA - Aug 27, 2004
Hey, I saw you guys at the ABC cafe in april and at warped. I thought it was really cool to see an all girl band at warped.
Ithaca, US - Aug 24, 2004
Hey, Cathy (also) from D2D. How's ya manage that sweet show at warped? Would ya mind helping another band (possibly) do the same? you kno how to get a hold of us. peace
Buffalo, USA - Aug 24, 2004
Hey it's greg from D2D in Buffalo...You girls have potential, but you need to focus more of your efforts on music and less on appearance...just my opinion. But keep up the good work and keep getting better. later
Greg from D2D
buffalo, usa - Aug 23, 2004
I just met you guys at Warped tour and let me say you where my favorite band there! well at least the only one I bought anything from. I hope to see a lot more of you guys around. Keep rockin
Virgil, U. S .of A. - Aug 19, 2004
nice site. cool cd. good times. keep rocking. -u gave me a cd at warped , i gave u the captiol cd!
charles (capitol guy)
buffalo, - Aug 18, 2004
That last post was pretty kickass.
Yourmums, Crotch - Aug 17, 2004
[deleted entry...come on, go spam your own site]
NY, USA - Aug 16, 2004
No I don't have tickets. If there was one more band besides Kiev I'd want to see, I would though.
Freevizzle, New Yizzle, - Aug 15, 2004
Hey all, this be John. My sites down, so please do not take my link, I'm going to ask Vish to take it out, its kinda useless to have a site with about the same information as the real site. Later! Oh, btw, have you bout tickets to to warpped show? I know I have! See you there!
Diamond Roadie
Hell (Cortland), United States - Aug 15, 2004
hey, a friend of mine sent me your link. you have some awesome shit on here. :] i like "Bloody Shy". you guys keep it up, you have serious potential. good luck with future gigs and stuff. ja.
nowhere land, u.s.a. - Aug 15, 2004
this has got to be a joke!!!!!!! I'm pinching myself in hopes of waking up from this nightmare!!!! Screw rock n roll....I'm gonna start listening to rap! can't be any worse!
Ithaca, usa - Aug 13, 2004
I was reading the newspaper this morning when i went to the ticket section to see if there were any bands worth seeing in the area and I saw your band then I saw the name Taylor Quan which sounded remotely fimiliar and I realized I went to school with her. Sadly I have never heard any of your music. So I Will shortly Check it out. Very cool by the way, Its everyones dream to play in a band.
Hillary E.
Ithaca, I dont know - Aug 13, 2004
hey guys--best of luck at Warped! If you ever need help playing a gig in Switzerland, lemme know!
jennifer and family
Zurich, Country - Aug 12, 2004
great article about you in the local paper...go KIEV!
kiev fan
ithaca, usa - Aug 12, 2004

a name : nardo the kiwi and former guitarist
express your self : it goes without saying you rock and everyday before school i check the site and get all sniffy before school starts you are by far the coolest people i ever known and i send all my love and kiwiness shudder to you and i might even visit you soon is i ever

a name : nocrazyfx
express your self : hey this is leonard from goodspeed. (the one with the yellow guitar) i just wanted to say that it was great playing with you. well be back in ithaca playing at the haunt on the 21st of may. lets see if we can rock it together again. i dig the cd. keep roc

a name : me on speed
express your self : YO! i go to every kiev show i hear about. you guys kick major ass. no other band rocks like you guys do. love you all.

a name : emily
express your self : thanks for stickin around to support stuck in motion. rock on chicklings, rock on. it was nice to finally meet u guys

a name : Dan
express your self : Good music.

a name : Nate
express your self : Ach hoot! The most amazing (and only, shut up) commie girl band (yes Rafi, you too) is ABSOLUTELY deserving of all the groupie love in the world. my panties are wet just thinking about the show on Friday. Oh baby.

a name : Peter
express your self : Kick ass show last night. Rock on Kiev

a name : MOM deluxe
express your self : Of course its me. Finally remembered to bring your web address with me to the internet palace. I live on a beach and watch the sunset on it every night. Miss you girls. COME VISIT!!! Love Jill

a name : mike
express your self : hey kiev, it makes me really happy to see that the next generation of high school bands can rock so hard. PLEASE keep doing the music thing, its really quite nice. special thanks to taylor for the cons. love.

a name : change
express your self : diggin the cd tween chicago and brew-town. Kiev History lesson Did you get the stencils? Change Out!

a name : ted
express your self : hey maia, your dad is my boss, tell him to give me a break! your band looks very interesting, i hope i can go listen to you guys at the haunt this weekend.

a name : Robin
express your self : Sylvie...even back in 6th grade i wanted to be your groupie. You guys sound awesome. Miss you doll.
<>br a name : kievvvvvv
express your self : Let me speak on behalf of the band, John is our Roadie. And we love our Roadie more than life itself.

a name : John, the Lonely Roadie
express your self : YOU ARE AWESOME! I will be at the June 5th show hopefully!

a name : Peter
express your self : The train track photo is so awesome i just creamed my jeans.... or went blamo in my camo.... or made my khaki gacky.... maybe i should stop

a name : dude
express your self : You girls are all beautiful and talented. I would LOVE to get together with you sometime and talk about your future as SUPERSTARS!!!

a name : Peter
express your self : i just read some back guestbook signings and someone didnt want to bo a groupie because then theyd have to be fucking you so instead they went for roadie. since youre probably short a groupie, ill fill the void (get it? getit?!?).

a name : Mary Ann
express your self : Yeah ahh...never acually heard yall play, but just to let you know...those pictures...yeah ah they dont work quite right.

a name : BECKY
express your self : sylv wow awesome site et band! i didnt know you guys were actually good being that i havent seen any gigs, but i just went to the music thing and damn biatch! nice... and pikachu

a name : December 12th!
express your self : Nice job on your new domain! Just remember to change the link when you link to yourself, on Annas page the link to Kievs website is still at geocities. ^_~ WHOOO DEC 12!!

express your self : sylvie...heard u play in grenada and i know ur band has gotta be good! i love you like a fat kid loves cake!!! it all started with bob and eileen, must go back! peace, love , sisterhood and kinky sex! also, british guys and bonfires on the beach FUCK ME!

a name : The One & Only Mandarin Sex Machine
express your self : Hey sexy babes! Your band rocks (I only heard you once anyways). Hope you start performing soon. Lemme know if you ever need another sexy asian in your band!

a name : Betty
express your self : sylive you are my hero and i want to start a band and be just like you guys!!!

express your self : SYLIVIE! Ive never heard ur abnd play, but I heard u rock the drums at the aquarium, lol, after u tweaked them for 40 mins!Well BOAT roxs, much love! Nicole

a name : nate fallopian tubes enemy
express your self : i think competiton will eat your eyes with a bag of doorm soup you bastard of progress

a name : Michelle G.
express your self : hola senoritas! ok lol i dont know maia (wellll... i do but only from when we were like nine years old.. you wouldnt remember though lol) but i heart taylor and anna and um i dont really like people who take my stuffed canadian Lucky the Leprecauns.. and

a name : Death aka Trinity
express your self : Hey guys! Im not a groupie... b/c that would mean Im having sex with you... which Im NOT! So Ill be a roadie instead! Awesome website!!

a name : Margit
express your self : I want to be a groupie!!!! ha ha ha ha!! you guys are awesome!!! i want to hear you sometime ok!! i mean i did suply Taylors guitar...heh ok bye!

a name : nate falopian tubes
express your self : nice site. good to see more people expressing themselves musically. one comment. our competition? it would be nice if you could look at our band and others as siblings in this music world, rather then competetors in a music game. Its about the music not t

a name : i rock...
express your self : sylvie... your the sexiest anime character i know, and i hope the sabb trip will be fun.. mucho love SYLVIE ROCKS THE HOUSE WITH HER SEXYNESS !!!!!

a name : orgy masters back
express your self : yeah, i take back what i sayd... I WANT MORE TAYLOR... HAHAHAHAHAH well yeah... you rock, and i havnt heard you so... taylor, hope your at the orgy tomorrow, its gonna be... bangin :-). Maia, my dear dear son... be good today Anna... i want you love :-P

a name : SERA
express your self : sylvie! u r crazy!! what person calls their band BOAT!!!!!! but i know itll all be good! love ya!

a name : josh the orgy master ham-dog
express your self : yo yo yo, i love ur group... thats why i wanna be a groupie... and i wanna have sex with all of you, except taylor, cause i get so much of her... HAHAHAHAH BOAT ROCKS

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