my interests


a few of my interests....

Visual Communication

Photography, filmmaking, motion graphics, book design, website design, animation. I love creating visuals, and collaborating on design projects.

Ed Tech

Pedagogies, technologies, multi-disciplinary approaches, I promote "better teaching through technology" and believe that education is one of the most democratizing and radical processes.

Our Planet

Eco-warrior, nature cherisher, windsurfer, marveler. I know our time here is limited, and am a champion for healing our mothership. We need science, passion, and teamwork.

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a few of my projects....

Music Videos

fun fun fun!

Nice Girl Films

short narratives


author photos and CD covers

Bioenergy Works

non-profit organization

Book Design

small press books


small journal publishing

Live Performance


for students: Textiles websites

websites to teach textile constructon

for students: Law Case Materials

bringing primary resources to students