Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Collection

While at eCornell, I worked on a team that developed the concept of CyberTower, a video magazine aimed at engaging with alumni and highlighting special professors and projects. As an online project, this has had a long life, and I have continued to work on these online lectures for the last 10 years. Recently we added a new aspect, short videos that highlight some of the discoveries that have been made and treasures housed in Cornell's archives and libraries. This "Tower Topic" focuses on the collection related to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. I produced and edited this video.
This video is publicly available.

Hip Hop Collection: Library Focus

This is another video in the "Tower Topic" series mentioned above, and it highlights a fairly recent acquisition of Hip Hop materials. The library promotes undergraduate student access to primary source materials, and the interviews with both the instructors and the students show how these library materials are dynamically being used in a Music course. I was the producer for this video.
This video is publicly available.

film: Hens and Chicks

Hens and Chicks is a short narrative about a girl who grows up with two moms. This award-winning film is currently touring in film festivals in the United States and overseas (Australia, Russia, Spain). I was the editor on this film.

A trailer for this video is publicly available.

live video collaboration

One of my recent video art collaborations was with David Borden, a synthesizer musician and leader of Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co., and a video DJ. Borden wrote two suites of original compositions related to dancers he has known, I prepared short video clips of the dancers, with some post-processing and special effects, and during the performance, the video DJ did a live selection of the clips in response to the ensemble's music performance.

Some documentary footage of the Denishawn performances and the Viola Farber series are publicly available.

SLA contest video

While a library student, I entered the Special Libraries Association video contest that they held to commemorate 100 years of the organization. The theme was "what will librarians be like in the next 100 years?" I took a humorous tack, while still covering the basics (librarians need to have facility with technology, awareness of intellectual property issues, doggedness in upholding privacy issues for patrons, and a strong desire to assist and teach others). I gave myself the additional challenge of limiiting myself to public domain footage and audio, and I provided captioning to improve the accessibility of the piece.

This video is publicly available.