Case Study Materials

This is a course site that I produced a couple of years ago for a professor teaching a pre-law course for undergraduates at Cornell. Her interest was to create a set of media-rich materials related to legal cases in the local area. We hired 3 graduate students to work one summer on creating and gathering materials. We then organized and formatted them for web-viewing. I was responsible for the project management and the web design for the site. The content is presented as a set of resources, there is no inherent pedagogy in the organization of materials; the class uses a Blackboard course to manage the assignments. Some of my favorite features are the maps, many of which were scanned for this project, and the videos interviews shot by the students.

This site is publicly available (although some of the videos are protected) and consists of two parts: materials for Land Claims cases and materials for gay marriage cases.

Tutorial on Designing a Study

The purpose of this tutorial is to explain the different types of studies used in patient-based research. The professor had found that his veterinary students were lacking the critical analysis skills to evaluate medical research and to understand the findings of journal articles. This tutorial takes students through several steps and provides animations, videos, and self quizzes so that students can test their understanding of the concepts. Though designed for veterinary students, I've found that the Study Design Overview, with it's explanations of the different types of study designs, useful for students in many fields of study.

This site is publicly available.

Experience Latin America

This website was designed to support a course at Cornell University in which students viewed materials related to Chiapas, Mexico, before spending time there with their professors. The site was originally created in Blackboard, but was then shifted to Moodle, and finally shifted again out of Moodle and is now simply a website without any course management tools. Several courses at Cornell and at Michigan State use this site. Students have found that the video interviews with Chiapas farmers, artisans, and artists were particularly informative and deepened their understanding of the challenges facing Mexicans.

This site is publicly available.

Textiles Demonstrations

Teaching clothing design often takes a great deal of an instructor's time in demonstrating basic skills. Cornell has an extensive clothing archive, but pulling garments out of the archive and showing them to students is also time-consuming. This site has two main parts aimed at addressing these problems: one has step-by-step instructions for fitting common clothing items, and the other has galleries of 18th-19th century and modern clothing. The garments were shot using the QuickTime VR object format, and are rotatable and zoomable. I particularly like the dress donated by Mark Twain's niece, Ida Langdon.

This site is publicly available.