Book design : Beneath Notice

This book design project grew out of a collaboration with a faculty member at Cornell, and a photographer. Beneath Notice is a collection of photos of fungi coupled with short, humorous reflections on life as viewed through a hand lens.
A preview of this book is publicly available.

Book design: Text into Form

On another project, I learned that a faculty member had an unpublished manuscript that she was eager to make available to her students, but had no idea how to move the project forward. The manuscript needed some updating and some software conversions, but also a design and a publishing plan. I offered to design the book, and suggested she self-publish using a print-on-demand service to get the book out to her students and to others interested in her subject. It was very gratifying to help her finally complete this project.
A preview of this book is publicly available.

Journal: Mycotaxon

I have been the web designer and website manager for a scientific journal, Mycotaxon, for many years. This small-circulation journal has a specific niche; it has been an interesting process trying to balance the mission of the journal with the changing economics and increases in postage. This year we made the decision to go from being a print-only publication to one that is only available online. We are in the midst of that transition. The next few years will be interesting ones for all involved in scientific publishing.

The journal website and the (under development) online journal site.